Cybertruck's Waterproof Prowess: Fact or Fiction?

Cybertruck’s Waterproof Prowess: Fact or Fiction?

YouTuber Takes Cybertruck for a Dip, Finds It Drives Like a Submarine

A daring YouTuber decided to test just how waterproof the new Tesla Cybertruck is by taking it for a drive through some deep puddles and flooded streets. TechRax, who is known for putting new tech through tough tests, recently uploaded a video showing the Cybertruck plowing through water so high it nearly covered the entire vehicle.

In the video, TechRax joyrides the angular electric truck through neighborhood streets transformed into mini lakes by heavy rains. Despite the depths, the Cybertruck handles the water like a champ. TechRax even jokingly suggests Elon Musk should enable a “boat mode” for the truck.



The Cybertruck manages to traverse water deep enough to swallow most vehicles. Its performance calls to mind a submarine gliding through the depths, or perhaps a sailboat thanks to the truck bed rising out of the water like a little dingy behind it.

While fun, it’s worth reiterating that deliberately driving into floodwaters can be extremely dangerous, risking electrical failure, engine damage, and stalling. So don’t try this Cyber-submarine test at home!

That said, the video highlights both the durability and grip offered by those formidable cyber-treads on the Cybertruck’s tires. Previous videos have shown Teslas faring well on flooded Chinese streets, buoyed by precise software control and air intake positioning.

With Model 3 production humming in Shanghai, Teslas seem optimized to handle water far better than the average car. And if its little brother can transform into a motorboat, the Cybertruck’s imposing stance lets it tackle even submarine depths without flooding.

It will be exciting to see what adventures early Cybertruck owners get into once deliveries start for the over one million reservations Elon Musk’s team has fielded so far. Given its capabilities on land, air, and sea now demonstrated, there may be nowhere this cyber-beast can’t travel given enough ambition or foolishness from its drivers!