Cyber Ad-versaries Using Analytics to Measure “Victims per Click”

Cyber Ad-versaries Using Analytics to Measure “Victims per Click”

  • Archives were the most popular malware delivery type for the seventh quarter running, used in 30% of malware analyzed by HP.
  • At least 14% of email threats identified by HP Sure Click bypassed one or more email gateway scanners.
  • The top threat vectors in Q4 were email (75%), downloads from browsers (13%) and other means like USB drives (12%).

Dr. Ian Pratt, Global Head of Security for Personal Systems at HP Inc., comments:

“Cybercriminals are applying the same tools a business might use to manage a marketing campaign to optimize their malware campaigns, increasing the likelihood the user will take the bait. To protect against well-resourced threat actors, organizations must follow zero trust principles, isolating and containing risky activities like opening email attachments, clicking on links, and browser downloads.”

HP Wolf Security* runs risky tasks in isolated, hardware-enforced virtual machines running on the endpoint to protect users, without impacting their productivity. It also captures detailed traces of attempted infections. HP’s application isolation technology mitigates threats that can slip past other security tools and provides unique insights into intrusion techniques and threat actor behavior.

About the data

This data was gathered from consenting HP Wolf Security customers from October-December 2023.