Cloudways Managed Hosting Review

Cloudways Managed Hosting Review

Getting a presence online is one of the most important aspects of running your enterprise today. Everything from a daily blog, to an e-commerce company can be found online and when you talk about taking your business online, the first thing you need is a website. Initially, people start their blogs through connected domains with WordPress being at the forefront. However, when the time comes to monetize your business or blog, you need to go in for your own custom domain, and with that, comes the necessity to get yourself a hosting service. Cloudways is a great option for WordPress hosting, especially since it offers users a perfect balance between affordability and functionality. Gone are the days where you would find yourself clutching your head due to a slow loading WordPress site because this platform as a service contains a very versatile feature set that allows you to scale up the hosting resources as and when your website grows. The best part about Cloudways hosting is that they offer everyone a 30-day trial (affiliate link) to test out their platform, after which, if you are convinced, you can go for their paid full-time plans, the cheapest of which costs only $5 per month.

Cloudways Managed Hosting Review

Cloudways offers its users what they like to call, a managed cloud hosting service for WordPress sites, where multiple copies of your content are replicated throughout your preferred data center. Basically, what this does is that in case your main server goes down, a copy of your website is served to form the next available server.

While this is really useful for those who thrive off their online presence, there are many other reasons for you to adopt Cloudways over traditional hosting services –

  1. Through Cloudways, your site is stored on multiple servers, while traditional hosting services store your site on a single server with just one additional backup.

  2. It is visibly faster than traditional hosting services. The server can detect your customers’ location and transmit content to them through the server that is nearest to them.

  3. Cloud hosting uses SSD drives to improve your site’s performance.

  4. Cloudways uses a wide range fo security techniques to process your WordPress site.

  5. Cloudways servers are very easy to scale. This is good news if your business site sees a sudden spike in incoming traffic.

  6. Cloudways offers a pay-as-you-go pricing scheme which offers you more control over your plan and the way you use the Cloudways hosting service.

  7. SSD based Hosting keeps your site fast and super responsive.

Cloudways provides a variety of processing power, memory, storage space and bandwidth, depending on the plan you choose to go for. At a bare minimum, Cloudways offers your 512MB RAM, 20GB of storage, 1 Core Processor and 1TB Bandwidth.