Clicks want to bring back iPhone keyboard cases

A UK company called Clicks is unveiling an intriguing new iPhone accessory at CES 2024 for those who loved their old BlackBerry phones. It’s a case with a built-in physical keyboard that snaps onto your iPhone for a more tactile typing experience – reminiscent of Ryan Seacrest’s ill-fated Typo Keyboard from years back.

The Clicks “Creator Keyboard” sits at the bottom edge of the case, leaving full view of the iPhone’s screen and only covering its rear panel and sides. So you can type away on the hardware keyboard while still seeing everything on the display. It connects directly to the iPhone’s Lightning or USB-C port to charge the phone as normal – no separate battery or Bluetooth required. You can switch on keyboard backlighting for low-light use and utilize various shortcuts to navigate your phone without touching the screen, like tapping the spacebar to scroll webpages.