Citroen Set to Launch Two New Models in India in 2024

Citroen Set to Launch Two New Models in India in 2024

Citroen grids up for an eventful 2024 Indian rollout filled with new models, powertrain expansions, and EV entries. Headlining plans include finally adding a 6-speed automatic option for the C3 hatch and C3 Aircross SUV to broaden appeal. ButCONN ambiguous sedan-shaped C3X plus an electric C3 Aircross SUV also aim to shake up budget segments with quirky personalities.

Slotting localised 1.2L petrol engines to a modern Aisin-supplied torque converter gives automatic fans of Citroen’s funky vehicles some joy. Widened lineup variety can only help sales too.

Meanwhile the uniquely styled C3X sedan-crossover mashup targets style-focused drivers on a budget. Its fastback flowing lines meet higher SUV ground clearance for curbside wow factor. Expect equipment sharing with the C3 and electric drivetrain options down the road.

And an intriguing battery-powered C3 Aircross variant looks set to bring zero emissions to Citroen’s high riding SUV formula.

Altogether, Citroen seems focused on injecting fresh choice into India’s value-conscious market while retaining its distinctive charm. More variety and powertrain flavors for core nameplates, an unconventional new body style, plus an unexpected EV pivot gives buyers a lot to consider. As mass market options proliferate in 2024, Citroen wants to stand apart through design daring and model diversity around essential affordability.