Christian Horner reveals World Champion who 'missed opportunity' to join Red Bull

Christian Horner reveals World Champion who ‘missed opportunity’ to join Red Bull

Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, has recently revealed that Fernando Alonso had the chance to join Red Bull just two years before the team embarked on their championship-winning streak. Recalling the events of the mid-2000s, Horner disclosed that Alonso’s decision to seek a one-year deal instead of a longer commitment prevented the partnership from materializing.

At the time, Alonso was a highly sought-after driver, having ended Michael Schumacher’s dominance in Formula 1 by securing the World Championship titles in 2005 and 2006. Red Bull recognized Alonso’s talent and attempted to sign him during his tumultuous season with McLaren when it became evident that his relationship with the team was deteriorating. However, the negotiations hit a roadblock when Alonso, with aspirations to join Ferrari, expressed his desire for a one-year contract, whereas Red Bull sought a longer-term commitment.