China-Made Drones May Be Relaying Information to Beijing

China-Made Drones May Be Relaying Information to Beijing

Experts in Taiwan have warned that the Chinese-made drones used by the country’s private companies and individuals could be transferring information back to Beijing, reported local media. Many countries prohibit the public sector from using Chinese information and communication-related products. Therefore, Taipei should consider cooperating with NGOs to regularly test Chinese products and share the results with the public, Taiwan News quoted Su Tzu-Yun, director of the Institute for National Defence and Security Research, as saying.

In the past, Xiaomi, Huawei, and ZTE mobile phones as well as DJI drones have all been found to have data transmission software settings in their firmware, said Su.

Therefore, the US’ 2020 National Defence Authorization Act restricted the federal government from procuring Chinese drones, according to Taiwan News.

Chinese citizens and enterprises have the obligation to support, assist, and cooperate in national intelligence operations in accordance with Article 14 of China’s National Intelligence Law, said Taiwan’s National Communications Commission.

Regarding the rule, whenever Beijing asks Chinese manufacturers to provide relevant information, they cannot refuse. When private businesses or individuals use Chinese drones, relevant images and other important data may be sent back to Chinese manufacturers, which may then be forwarded to Chinese government authorities, according to Taiwan News.