CES 2024 – How to watch Sennheiser’s press conference

It’s that time of year again – CES 2024 kicks off this week! And audio brand Sennheiser is getting the party started early with a special launch event livestream on January 8th at 12:30pm PT.

Though Sennheiser has kept mum about exactly what we can expect, they promise some “exciting new headphones” are on the way. Given their track record for awesome over-ear cans and true wireless earbuds the last few years, I’m inclined to believe the hype.

At CES 2023, Sennheiser unveiled their Conversation Clear Plus earbuds designed to enhance speech in noisy environments. The hearing aids can stream audio and provide active noise-cancellation too. Pretty nifty tech!

But this year? Your guess is as good as mine. Noise-cancelling over-ears with killer sound quality? Truly wireless earbuds with insane battery life? I’m just speculating here.



One thing is for sure – Sennheiser consistently delivers innovative, high-performing audio gear. So I’d be shocked if their 2024 CES lineup doesn’t include at least one or two serious showstoppers.

Be sure to tune into their livestream event on YouTube to get the scoop hot off the presses. Given CES doesn’t formally start until January 9th, this is your chance to get a sneaky early glimpse of what’s in store before the chaos of the show floor opens.

Sennheiser has a real knack for high-quality headphones and earbuds that sound amazing and feel great to wear. Here’s hoping this year’s new releases continue that trend of sonic excellence. I can’t wait to hear what they’ve cooked up for 2024!