CES 2024 Anticipation: Electric, AI-Personalized, and Health-Focused Tech Trends

CES 2024 Anticipation: Electric, AI-Personalized, and Health-Focused Tech Trends

The Consumer Electronics Show, aka CES, is just around the corner. It’s the hottest tech trade show of the year, where companies unveil their latest innovations. Based on early buzz, here are 4 big themes we expect at CES 2024:

AI Everything – Artificial intelligence looks to steal the spotlight this year. From Samsung’s rumored AI robot chef to Alexa’s new natural language capabilities, smart homes are getting even smarter. AMD and Intel will showcase AI-powered computer chips for immersive gaming and improved performance. AI will even customize concept cars, though autonomous driving takes a backseat for now.

More Electric Vehicles – Expect major automakers like Honda to debut new electric cars rather than self-driving ones, reflecting the EV craze. While AI has a role in features like personalization, safety remains priority #1. Plus, some wild EV concept cars will turn heads, like Hyundai’s quirky Mobion.

Next-Gen Computing – Chips tailored for AI, improved gaming GPUs, and more efficient mobile designs will define the new PCs and laptops unveiled. Microsoft is rumored to reveal Surface devices with unique AI features. The key is specialized neural processing units that turbocharge performance without sacrificing battery life.

Health Wearables – Devices like the Samsung Fit 3 fitness tracker and Evie smart ring will aim to showcase innovation in women’s health tech. The Evie Ring monitors cycle trends, sleep, oxygen levels and more, then provides personalized insights via an app. Health wearables are getting smarter at tracking key metrics we need to know.

CES 2024 promises to set the tone for tech this year. And based on these themes, the future is electric, personalized by AI, powered by new chip designs, and increasingly focused on holistic health.