Canoo's EVs to Transport NASA's Artemis 2 Astronauts to the Launch Pad

Canoo’s EVs to Transport NASA’s Artemis 2 Astronauts to the Launch Pad

In an exciting development, Canoo, an electric vehicle startup, has successfully delivered its maiden shipment to none other than NASA. The momentous occasion took place at the Kennedy Space Center in sunny Florida this week, as a trio of Canoo’s Crew Transportation Vehicles (CTVs) graced the premises. While these vans might resemble futuristic lunar rovers, their primary purpose is to ferry astronauts to the launch pads of Kennedy Space Center, specifically for NASA’s upcoming Artemis 2 mission.

Canoo proudly boasts that these vans, based on their existing lifestyle vehicle design, are fully capable of accommodating fully-suited astronauts, flight support crew, and all the necessary equipment. With a focus on comfort and safety, the company has meticulously crafted exclusive interior and exterior features that will ensure a smooth and secure nine-mile journey to the launch pad. Interior snapshots of the vehicles will be shared by Canoo later this year, offering a glimpse into the advanced design.