Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 will be released in November

Activision demonstrated “the future of Call of Duty” during an event recently. This featured a fresh look at Modern Warfare II, but as important was the first genuine information on the brand-new Warzone experience and its mobile equivalent.

The next version of the battle royale, dubbed Warzone 2.0, will be released on console and PC on November 16th and is characterized as “a wholly overhauled experience and the most ambitious release in Call of Duty history.” The map is located in a fictitious desert location called Al Mazrah and will have new elements such as several circles appearing, pushing players to go in various directions, AI adversaries, and some kind of sandbox option. The new Warzone uses the same engine as Modern Warfare II.

The mobile version of Warzone will be released in 2023, with Activision claiming that the 120-player battle royale has been “designed for mobile devices” and would contain “mobile-specific events, playlists, and content.” Nonetheless, “players may share various social features and cross-progression allowing a shared battle pass and more for a linked Call of Duty experience,” according to the press release.

On October 28th, the new Call of Duty period will begin with Modern Warfare II. The game was initially revealed in June, and Activision revealed a little more about the multiplayer today. Perhaps most significant is a new 3v3 mode dubbed “raids,” which, according to the developer, will “emphasis on team communication and cooperation like never before.”The game will also have a third-person option for those who want to change their viewpoint. Preordered players will be able to try it out very soon: an open beta for Modern Warfare II begins on September 16th on PlayStation and September 22nd on Xbox and PC.

All of these releases occur at an odd moment for the Call of Duty series, after the underwhelming Vanguard release, a public spat between Microsoft and Sony, and Activision Blizzard’s continuing cultural and legal troubles.