Cadillac Reveals First Look at All-Electric Escalade IQ

Cadillac has released a sneak peek of its highly anticipated electric vehicle (EV), the Escalade IQ. The luxury brand has shared a glimpse of the upcoming EV, with an official unveiling scheduled for August 9th. Although the initial teaser image reveals limited details, it showcases the presence of LED lighting in the grille, including a digital interpretation of the iconic Cadillac badge.

The Escalade IQ will mark Cadillac’s entry into the realm of fully electric, full-size SUVs. It follows the introduction of the mid-sized Lyriq and the Celestiq sedan as part of Cadillac’s broader strategy to transition to an all-electric vehicle lineup by the end of the decade. The upcoming EV is expected to utilize General Motors’ (GM) advanced Ultium battery technology.