By 2025, Fitbit users will be compelled to move to Google accounts

By 2025, Fitbit users will be compelled to move to Google accounts

Following Google’s purchase of Fitbit and rebranding of the health tech business as ‘Fitbit by Google,’ the search giant is attempting to connect its services with Fitbit’s. Fitbit devices and features will need a Google account for “certain purposes” beginning in 2023, with plans to transfer all current Fitbit accounts to Google accounts by 2025.

According to an updated support website, starting in 2023, registering a new Fitbit account and activating new Fitbit devices and features would need a Google account. Existing Fitbit account users will be able to migrate to a Google account or keep their existing Fitbit login until “at least early 2025,” when Fitbit account support will be discontinued. The business will be “transparent with our users regarding the timing for terminating Fitbit accounts via messages inside the Fitbit app, through email, and in support articles,” according to the FAQ.

Fitbit customers may access their desktop accounts using a specific Fitbit login or the option to “continue with Google” at the time of writing. This is distinct from using your Google account to log into Fitbit since they are two independent accounts that do not exchange data. Google established contractual undertakings with the European Commission in 2020 as a condition of the Fitbit purchase to keep Fitbit user data separate from Google systems, as well as not utilizing such data to target Fitbit customers inside the European Economic Area with adverts for at least 10 years.

Google promotes this as a good step for Fitbit users. According to the support website, the advantages of the transition include “a single login for Fitbit and other Google services, industry-leading account security, centralized privacy settings for Fitbit user data, and add Google features on Fitbit.”

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