Building a New Engine for Beijing's High-quality Development With New Quality
In the exhibition hall of Sound AI Technology Co., Ltd., an intelligent interactive robotic arm which can write "Discovery of Diversified Beijing, Decoding New Quality Productive Forces" in Chinese and English

Building a New Engine for Beijing’s High-quality Development With New Quality

Recently, the “Discovery of Diversified Beijing, Decoding New Quality Productive Forces” Online Thematic Promotion Event was held in Beijing, China.

Building a New Engine for Beijing’s High-quality Development With New Quality

The first Web 3.0 Industrial Park – Zhongguancun Web 3.0 Industrial Park commits to building an industrial ecological highland. The reporters experienced the metaverse space and talked with Meta human figure “Ne Zha” “Su Xiaomei” in English, immersing themselves in feeling the fun of digital intelligence.

Beijing first planned and constructed the domestic first high-level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Area. Smart vehicles, intelligent roads, real-time clouds, reliable networks, accurate maps impressed the reporters. They also experienced driverless minibuses and taxis, looking forward to the future’s intelligent transport.

In addition to autonomous driving technology, hydrogen energy is also a driving force of the revolution of the industry. It is reported that the hydrogen energy bus equipped with “Hydrofore” fuel cells has already served the 2021 Boao Forum for Asia, 2021 China-ASEAN Expo, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic and other major events.

Beijing also attaches great importance to the development of the biopharmaceutical industry as it is a medium-high strategic emerging industry. WeHand Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., located in Daxing, Beijing, specializes in the research and development of original innovative drugs, with a focus on major diseases including metabolic diseases, malignant tumors, and combating inflammation and immunology.

The CDV special effects exhibition area features the company’s latest generation of virtual studio products, which enable seamless integration of virtual characters. This technology bridges the gap between reality and virtuality. Reporters truly felt the extension of the new quality productive force in the field of media integration and the transformation and upgrading of future development direction here.

During the event, the robotic arm equipped with intelligent voice interaction technology of Sound AI showed its calligraphy talent in front of the reporters. The demonstration of skillful goods-sorting by Mech-Mind robotic arms also impressed reporters, showcased the charm of the combination of AI and 3D vision technology.

We are pursuing both innovation and high quality. The multitude of innovative achievements and practical experiences emerging across various domains of new quality productive forces are showcasing to the world a Beijing of scientific and technological innovation, a vibrant Beijing, and a Beijing with a promising future.