Bluesky social hits 2 million users - What's next for the platform?

Bluesky social hits 2 million users – What’s next for the platform?

Bluesky social, the competitor platform to X and Threads, announced that it has officially crossed 2 million active users on the platform. What makes this achievement even more praiseworthy is that people still need an official invite from the company in order to join this platform. The bump in active users seems to indicate that they have increased the volume of invites being sent out, but the company has put out a statement on the eve of this achievement – Bluesky will soon go public.

Once the public interface is released, people, who don’t even have a Bluesky account, will be able to browse through the various accounts and see the content that is being posted on there. This is being done to enable Bluesky to become a go to source for breaking news, something similar to what X is becoming these days. There have also been calls for Bluesky to become a truly open social network like Mastodon, and in response, the company ha confirmed that they are actively working on it and they expect federation to happen sometime next year.