Best Buy's Samsung Repair program is shutting down

Best Buy’s Samsung Repair program is shutting down

Best Buy’s Geek Squad is in the process of shutting down its Samsung authorized service provider (ASP) program. This program had previously allowed certain Best Buy locations to repair Samsung phones using genuine parts, tools, and training provided by the South Korean tech giant.

The revelation initially surfaced on the Geek Squad subreddit, with multiple employees corroborating reports of Best Buy’s impending exit from the program. An internal screenshot obtained by The Verge further confirmed the wind-down, stating that “Samsung ASP is ending in all SASP locations.”

Best Buy’s Samsung Repair program is shutting down

The Samsung ASP program ensured that authorized Best Buy stores had certified technicians capable of repairing Samsung devices with official components. However, only select stores participated, and the availability of these services varied by location. As the program comes to a close, Samsung’s authorized service center locator has already begun purging Best Buy locations, leaving primarily UBreakiFix stores listed.

In a statement addressing the situation, Samsung’s head of mobile customer care, Mario Renato de Castro, acknowledged ongoing discussions with Best Buy to determine the best path forward for supporting customers. He emphasized that Samsung maintains a robust network of over 9,000 certified technicians across the United States, offering walk-in, mail-in, and mobile repair services.

Best Buy, on the other hand, provided a more ambiguous response, with spokesperson Katie Klister stating that the company is “working together with Samsung to evaluate the best way to support our mobile customers with authorized services and repairs.”

The implications of this shift are significant for Samsung device owners seeking repair options. While Best Buy previously facilitated Samsung repairs for any customer, stores will now reportedly only accept requests for phones purchased at Best Buy, and only if the customer has purchased Geek Squad Cell Phone Complete Protection insurance. Furthermore, replacements may now involve deductibles ranging from $199 to $249, depending on the phone’s cost.

This development comes amidst a turbulent period for Samsung’s repair ecosystem, with iFixit recently cutting ties with the company over issues related to parts pricing, availability, and contractual limitations on component sales to repair shops. Additionally, a report from 404 Media revealed peculiar terms in Samsung’s contracts with authorized repair shops, including mandates to remove non-OEM parts and report customers who had utilized such components.

While Best Buy and Samsung maintain a close partnership, with plans to expand vendor-provided expert labor in Best Buy appliance departments, the company’s CEO, Corie Barry, has signaled intentions to create “further efficiencies” in its supply chain and Geek Squad repairs for the upcoming year. This strategy coincides with reports of impending layoffs at Best Buy, following previous workforce reductions in April.