BenQ XL2540 Zowie XL Series 25 Review

BenQ XL2540 Zowie XL Series 25 Review

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The constant upgrade of PCs has given rise to a whole new bracket of applications, the most popular being gaming and E-sports. Today, PCs flaunt near superhuman specifications, enabling users to get a whole other dimension to computing, and when it comes to gaming, today, we expect nothing less than perfection. While on one hand, we have the sheer performance that gives gamers and rough users, their daily high, what we cannot sideline is the monitor, because no matter how good the PC might be at performance, a bad monitor can always act as an instant deal breaker. BenQ has been in the monitor game for a very long time, and after recently acquiring popular gaming brand Zowie, they are looking to kick things up a notch, and the current front runner in their arsenal is the XL2540.

To start things off, the XL2540 is a gaming monitor brought to you by BenQ and carries by far, some of the best features available for gaming monitors today. Lets dive right into the review, and see for ourselves –

BenQ XL2540 Zowie XL Series 25 Review

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Gaming monitors at known to be some of the most robust products in the gadget market, and the XL2540 is no different .Featuring a sturdy matt black cabinet, the  XL2540 comes with a specially designed bezel which allows gamers to view maximum content while not causing any distractions at the same time. We have the standard power button and five OSD buttons which assist in functionality. BenQ has also retained the ‘Flaps’ for the XL2540. For those of you who don’t know, BenQ gaming monitors are well known for flaps placed on the bezels on either side of the display. This they claim, is done to avoid distraction from the sides for the gamers. In the long run, the flaps also enable immersive gameplay which is the most essential factor when it comes to competitive play.

Another visible overhaul is the new stand. The new design is one of the best looking in the world of monitors today, and allows users to perform a whole buffet of adjustments with a simple touch of the finger. The additional height raise of 2.74 inches has been provided which plays a very significant role when it comes to  viewing your playing field. Swivel and rotating is also allowed and so the gamers can get their most comfortable playing position for maximum results.