Beats Studio Buds Plus: A Resounding Success in the Audio World

The long-awaited Beats Studio Buds Plus have finally made their debut, confirming the rumours that had been circulating. Early reviews suggest that the two-year wait since the release of the first model has been worth it, as these new earbuds show significant improvements.

According to Beats, the Studio Buds Plus offer better noise cancellation, claimed to be 1.6 times better than their predecessor. The Transparency mode has also been enhanced, allowing users to be more aware of their surroundings. The battery life has seen a boost as well, with the earbuds providing nine hours of playback and a total of 36 hours with the charging case. Other notable features include “Hey Siri” support for Apple devices, Android auto-switching between devices, and a smaller eartip option reminiscent of AirPods Pro 2. Interested customers can place their orders starting today (May 17).

Early reviews from reputable sources indicate that the Beats Studio Buds Plus represents a substantial improvement over the original model. Reviewers have praised the enhanced sound quality and extended battery life. The noise cancellation capabilities have also been lauded, although some reviewers have pointed out the absence of wireless charging and on-ear detection as drawbacks.

One standout aspect of these earbuds is the variety of colours available. Alongside the stylish black and gold options, there is a bold transparent variant that has caught the attention of many. The retro-inspired transparent design with a plastic sheen has garnered positive feedback, leading Beats to include it as a design choice based on the overwhelming response to initial mockups.

While early reviews generally agree on the overall improvement of the Beats Studio Buds Plus, it’s important to note that they may not offer the same level of audio technology as Apple’s leading products. Some reviewers have remarked that the ambient sound on these earbuds doesn’t sound as natural as that of AirPods. The absence of an H1 Wireless Chip in the Studio Buds Plus has been a notable drawback, impacting certain functionalities such as call quality. However, recent reviews suggest that the mic hardware has been improved, resulting in better voice call performance.

Despite some limitations, the Beats Studio Buds Plus present an appealing option for consumers seeking upgraded sound quality and a range of features. Priced at $169 / £179 / AU$269, they may not be the most budget-friendly choice, but their performance and design innovations make them worth considering. As further reviews emerge, it will become clearer whether the Beats Studio Buds Plus earns a spot on the list of the year’s best earbuds. Rest assured, we will continue to provide transparent coverage of their capabilities and user experiences.