Audio-Technica revives its 1980s Sound Burger portable turntable

Audio-Technica revives its 1980s Sound Burger portable turntable

Audio-Technica is reintroducing the Sound Burger portable turntable. The upgraded model includes a few additional features to make it more appealing to current listeners after over 40 years and many clones. To begin, the 2022 Sound Burger has a Bluetooth connection as well as an integrated lithium-ion battery with USB-C charging. To put it another way, you won’t need to find a trio of C-cell batteries to power the new model. According to Audio-Technica, the 2022 Sound Burger can provide around 12 hours of continuous listening before needing to be charged.

Other changes have been made to the turntable’s design by the business. For starters, there is no extension cord hook for your headphones. In terms of headphones, unlike its predecessor, the 2022 model does not include a free set. If you wish to physically connect the turntable to your sound system, it will come with an RCA connection. The 2022 model additionally has an Audio-Technica ATN3600L stylus. Otherwise, this is the same turntable that many people remember fondly.

It, too, has a DC motor with a belt drive that can play 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records, allowing you to listen to both full-length LPs and singles. It also appears exactly the same as it did in 1983.

The 2022 Sound Burger is now available for purchase for $199/£200/€229. When you consider that a vintage model might cost up to $500 on eBay, this is a decent price. There is no indication on whether Audio-Technica intends to reintroduce the Mister Disc moniker for the US edition.

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