As UAE Innovates this February, Dubai-Born School Reiterates Need to Reimagine Future Skills for Greater Social Impact

As UAE Innovates this February, Dubai-Born School Reiterates Need to Reimagine Future Skills for Greater Social Impact

In line with the UAE Innovation Month, and as part of its commitment to reimagining education in the UAE, Citizens School has emphasised the need to develop future-focused skill sets and mindsets, embrace entrepreneurship and digital literacy, as well as reimagine the relationship between students and teachers as pivotal factors driving innovation within the education sector.

According to the Future of Jobs Report 2023 by the World Economic Forum, 44% of workers’ skills are set to be disrupted in the next five years, meaning that many of the jobs that current school-aged children will perform – and the skills they need to succeed in them – have not even been created yet. With the explosive growth of technologies such as AI, companies are looking for more than just cognitive abilities as well as technological skill sets. Based on the report, leadership and social influence ranks five times higher than its current level, with ‘attitude’ being among one of the most highly ranked.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the skills that ensure success, educators are tasked with preparing learners for careers that do not exist yet, for technologies that have not been invented, and for problems that have not been anticipated.

At a time like this, educators need to adapt alongside a fast evolving demand for multi-faceted skill sets that include entrepreneurship, analytical and creative thinking, curiosity, resilience, and agility. Today, the role of a teacher goes beyond traditional learning models. Teachers need to become mentors, building a strong relationship that paves the way for better education for learners. The teacher to mentor transition is about taking traditional subjects like science, maths, art and technology, converting them into an interdisciplinary learning culture.

“Enrolment numbers are growing year on year. With more families from around the world calling the UAE their home. The job market is set to be far more demanding, and it’s no longer a matter of ten years or twenty years, but in the next three to five years. We need to ensure citizens of tomorrow are well-equipped to be part of that reality. At Citizens, we foster inquisitiveness, problem-solving, and adaptability – skills that are essential in any career path. Our learning framework cultivates a resilient, adaptable growth mindset,” added Hisham Hodroge, CEO, Citizens School and Chief Investment Officer, Al Zarooni Emirates Investments.

Citizens has developed a comprehensive curriculum that meets the UK National Curriculum and KHDA education requirements, but goes beyond with comprehensive, inclusive, and engaging learning programmes. Citizens School’s Learning Framework fosters intellectual, emotional, and social development to prepare learners for the future. Learners are encouraged to reflect on and understand their learning progression, fostering a practice of continuous improvement and self-awareness. The school has also been offering a dedicated entrepreneurship curriculum to inspire young minds aged between 3 (FS1) to 13 (Year 8).