Arlo's new Pro 5S 2K camera securely links with its Home Security System

Arlo’s new Pro 5S 2K camera securely links with its Home Security System

Arlo’s new $249.99 Wi-Fi security camera can wirelessly connect to Arlo’s new Home Security System through a new ‘SecureLink connection. And everything is managed through the company’s newly redesigned app.

Arlo has announced the release of its new Pro 5S 2K security camera, which has dual-band Wi-Fi for adaptable connection, a 160-degree viewing angle, 2K resolution with HDR, a built-in floodlight and siren, and 30 per cent more battery life than the previous Pro 4. It’s currently available for presale at Best Buy and Arlo’s website for $249.99, with a December 6th shipping date.

Thanks to the company’s encrypted SecureLink wireless technology, the new camera can also safely link to Arlo’s new home security system, which was revealed earlier this year at CES. The whole security system includes a keypad that also functions as a motion sensor and wirelessly communicates with remarkable all-in-one sensor modules that detect open doors and windows, motion, water leaks, light, and temperature changes, and even listen for smoke and CO alarms.

The home security system is also available for presale at Best Buy, Amazon, Arlo’s website, and other stores, with a December 6th shipping date. The starting package includes the keypad, 30-days of service, and two sensors for $199.99, while the “step up” bundle includes three more sensors (five total) and a yard sign for $299.99.

Arlo also plans to release an upgraded Secure app with a new user interface that allows you to monitor your home security and cameras from your phone, as well as an expanded Emergency Response centre that allows you to summon emergency assistance in times of crisis. The Home Security System includes a 30-day trial of Arlo’s Secure Plus service, which costs $14.99 a month and includes features like 24/7 emergency response and unlimited cloud video recordings. Following the trial period, you may choose one of three plans to continue using it. According to Arlo’s press announcements, the new app will be ready in “late November 2022.”

The Pro 5S 2K cameras can be managed through Google Assistant and IFTTT, with Amazon’s Alexa functionality “coming soon.” And, according to Arlo SVP of Product Tim Johnston, Apple HomeKit compatibility for the camera will be available in “early 2023,” which is wonderful news given that the existing Pro 4 already supports it.

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