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Apple’s New MacBook Air 15-inch: A Missed Opportunity?

The MacBook Air 15-inch (2023) made its highly anticipated debut at Apple’s WWDC 2023 event after months of rumours. However, despite expectations of turning heads and shaking up the MacBook Air lineup, this new addition seems to have been overshadowed by another Apple product: the Apple Vision Pro, the tech giant’s foray into the VR market.

While the attention surrounding the Apple Vision Pro is understandable, it’s surprising that the MacBook Air 15-inch hasn’t received the same level of publicity. As one of the best-selling laptop series ever, one would expect a new entry to generate significant buzz. To understand this apparent lack of attention, we need to examine what the new MacBook Air offers compared to its predecessors.

A closer look at the specs reveals that Apple has made minimal changes. The port selection, chassis, and even the components remain almost identical to the 13-inch version. The only noticeable differences are the display resolution, screen size, and the upgrade to Thunderbolt 4. This lack of innovation reflects a departure from Apple’s once trend-setting reputation and suggests a disconnect from current design trends.