Apple’s Brilliant New Encryption Method PQ3: What You Need to Know

Apple is introducing a new advanced encryption method called PQ3 to bolster the security of its iMessage app. PQ3 stands for “post-quantum” level 3 – indicating protection even against future quantum computers.

The goal is to future-proof iMessage against potential decryption attempts decades down the road. PQ3 can self-heal from compromised encryption keys by continuously rekeying conversations with new unlinked keys.




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Apple’s New Encryption Method PQ3

This prevents a dangerous type of “harvest now, decrypt later” attack where messages get stored today for cracking by more powerful computers tomorrow.

Apple is concerned extremely resourceful hackers or state actors may already be archiving encrypted data to decrypt eventually with quantum computing capabilities when those emerge.

So PQ3 ensures anything said in iMessage conversations today can’t be unlocked retroactively even once quantum progress enables breaking current encryption standards.

The protocol is currently beta testing across Apple’s latest software updates. By already deploying quantum-resistant encryption, Apple aims to keep user privacy intact for the long haul against foreseeable technological advances.