Apple's HomePod Smart Display: Is the iPad Mini the Key?

Apple’s HomePod Smart Display: Is the iPad Mini the Key?

Amidst a flurry of rumors and leaks, it seems highly plausible that Apple is contemplating the launch of a smart display built upon the foundation of its HomePod speaker – and the star of this show might just be the iPad mini.

In a noteworthy development, the diligent team at 9to5Mac has delved deep into the code of the tvOS 17.2 beta and stumbled upon an intriguing revelation. The software has been updated to include support for the iPad mini 6, which Apple introduced in 2021. Given that both HomePod and HomePod mini operate on a customized version of tvOS, it’s a fair inference that Apple is actively exploring the concept of a HomePod smart display, featuring a substantial screen.

Adding further weight to this intriguing notion is the fact that whispers and speculations regarding a fusion of HomePod and iPad have been circulating for over a year. These whispers originate from some of the most reliable Apple insiders in the industry.