Apple's $50 Final Cut Pro X for iPad lets you make 8K blockbusters

Apple’s $50 Final Cut Pro X for iPad lets you make 8K blockbusters

Apple has made a significant announcement for content creators with the launch of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPad. These two powerful creative apps, known for their excellence in video editing and audio production, respectively, will now provide professional editing tools for users on the go.

Final Cut Pro, considered one of the industry’s leading video editing software, will arrive on Apple’s portable devices with an all-new touch interface designed to enhance workflows and expedite editing tasks. The app boasts features such as a new jog wheel, Multi-Touch gestures, and a comprehensive library of high-resolution graphics, effects, and audio. Notably, Live Drawing with Apple Pencil support allows users to write and draw directly onto their videos, making it a promising tool for creative expression.

For professionals, Final Cut Pro on iPad offers multi-camera editing and Pro camera modes that provide greater control over projects, whether working with a single or multi-cam setup. This includes monitoring audio, controlling focus, exposure, white balance, and more. Users with an iPad Pro equipped with the M2 chip can even record videos in Apple’s high-resolution ProRes format. The app also supports the import of projects created in iMovie for iOS, Apple’s beginner-friendly video editing software, further showcasing the company’s commitment to a seamless mobile studio experience.

Accompanying the debut of Final Cut Pro on the App Store is Logic Pro, a strong contender for the best audio editor, offering touch-friendly tools and professional plugins for iPad users. This expansion of Apple’s creative app lineup highlights the company’s ongoing efforts to cater to the needs of professionals in the filmmaking and audio industries.

The arrival of Final Cut Pro on iPad marks a significant development for Apple, particularly considering the open letter from frustrated TV and film editors in April 2022. While the response to the letter lacked specifics, the launch of Final Cut Pro on iPad can be seen as a positive step and a result of consultations with industry experts.

The competition in the portable content creation market is intensifying, as demonstrated by the recent releases of DaVinci Resolve for iPad and LumaFusion for Android. The increasing power of portable devices is making them a crucial battleground for content creators, regardless of whether they are producing videos for YouTube or the big screen.

However, there is a significant difference in the Final Cut Pro experience on iPad compared to the desktop version. While the desktop edition offers a perpetual license, iPad users will need a subscription priced at $4.99 per month or $49 per year, with a one-month free trial.

As Apple continues to expand its creative app offerings, the arrival of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPad will undoubtedly empower content creators to produce high-quality projects on the go, providing them with more flexibility and convenience in their creative workflows.

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