Apple Vision Pro Passcode Resets Require In-Store Assistance

Apple Vision Pro Passcode Resets Require In-Store Assistance

Imagine spending $3,499 on a hot new gadget, only to later realize you’ve forgotten the passcode to unlock it. This nightmare scenario is now a reality for some early adopters of Apple’s flagship VR/AR headset, Vision Pro.

According to insider reports, Apple has shockingly advised customers that the only way to reset a forgotten passcode is to mail the headset to Apple support. There, passcodes can be reset, restoring use of the device. But the reset erases all personal content stored locally on the headset.

This clumsy process stems from Vision Pro’s strict passcode system. Enter the code incorrectly too many times, and the headset locks down completely for a mandatory waiting period. Still can’t remember the code after that? Then resetting with Apple is the only option.

Bafflingly, some users claim they entered the right code yet still got locked out. Whether it’s a software glitch or user error, it shows the passcode system itself is imperfect. And based on customer reports, even Apple’s in-store Geniuses struggle to reliably reset the devices. In one instance, reset attempts failed and Apple had to replace the $3,500 headset!

As the first of its kind, some growing pains are expected with Vision Pro. But a pain point this significant risks permanently spoiling customers’ experience of an otherwise breakthrough device. For the sake of early adopters who invested heavily in its potential, let’s hope Apple swiftly irons out this passcode problem via software update before the next headset hardware iteration. Users shouldn’t have to mail in a $3,500 device and erase their personal content due to a forgotten password.