Apple TV 4K: 5 Exciting Upgrades We’re Eagerly Anticipating

With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 on the horizon, anticipation is building for potential upgrades to the Apple TV 4K. As expectations rise, a comprehensive list of desired improvements has emerged, influenced not only by industry experts but also by passionate Apple TV 4K users worldwide.

The Apple TV 4K has garnered a dedicated following for its clean interface, easy navigation, and minimal ad clutter. Supporting Dolby Vision and HDR10+, the device delivers exceptional video performance. Additionally, the inclusion of the Quick Media Switching feature allows seamless transitions between different frame rates. However, priced at $129, the Apple TV 4K demands enhancements that match its premium cost.

Among the desired upgrades, one popular request is the inclusion of a “Find My” feature for the Apple TV remote control. This would enable users to track misplaced remotes, leveraging the existing ultrawide-band technology used in Apple’s AirTag and AirPods Pro 2. Furthermore, incorporating a gyroscope into the remote would enhance gaming experiences on the Apple Arcade app, offering a Nintendo Wii-style Wiimote experience.

Additionally, the introduction of an Apple TV FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) Channel would provide users with a dedicated platform to access ad-supported content, similar to offerings by other streaming platforms. High-resolution audio support, aligning with Apple Music’s capabilities, would enrich the Apple TV 4K’s audio output potential. Lastly, for users with ultra-widescreen displays, a 21:9 aspect ratio option for the device’s interface would optimize viewing experiences.

While requests for Google Photos support, Safari web browser integration, remote movie-watching capabilities, Bluetooth keyboard support for YouTube, and 4K 120Hz video output have also been raised, the likelihood of their inclusion remains uncertain until Apple’s official announcements.

As WWDC 2023 approaches, Apple TV 4K users and enthusiasts eagerly await news regarding these potential upgrades. Apple’s penchant for surprise announcements adds to the anticipation, leaving fans hopeful for a future that aligns with their expectations.