Apple Slows Down: Self-Driving Car Launch Delayed to 2028 as Ambitions Take a Reality Check

Apple Slows Down: Self-Driving Car Launch Delayed to 2028 as Ambitions Take a Reality Check

Apple’s self-driving car dreams have slammed on the brakes. After a decade trying to build the ultimate futuristic ride, they’ve switched gears and delayed their launch by two years to 2028.

What happened to the steering wheel-free, remote controlled vehicle they envisioned? Well, making a fully automated car turned out way harder than Apple expected. So they’ve scaled back what their mystery machine can actually do.

The idea was Level 5 – basically you nap while your Apple Car drives itself everywhere. But after watching how companies like Cruise and Waymo struggled with self-driving tech, Apple pruned ambitions down to Level 2+.

That means some automation like lane centering, but still requires a driver ready to take over. More Tesla autopilot than Knight Rider.

It’s a major reality check. Apple probably realized even a Level 4 self-driving car, fully automatic but just in optimal conditions, was too much of a moonshot for now.

So in typical Apple fashion, they’ve pivoted to focus on nailing the basics first – delivering a conventional electric car by 2028 that people actually want to buy.

They know the future of Project Titan depends on getting this launch right. CEO Tim Cook, project head Kevin Lynch and the board have apparently held intense meetings, concerned over missteps.

This simplified Apple Car might not be as dazzlingly futuristic as early visions. But it could put Apple’s foot in the door to keep autonomous driving dreams alive long-term.

Because make no mistake, they haven’t abandoned hopes of a truly self-driving vehicle. Apple’s already talking to manufacturing partners about that Level 4 tech.

For now though, Apple realized revolution would have to wait. First comes building a car people love to drive themselves.