Without Siri’s Generative AI Upgrade, Apple Risks Losing the AI Throne

Apple’s iconic assistant Siri has come a long way since those early days as a charming novelty piece. But in an era where AI is advancing at a blistering pace, Siri risks being left in the dust without a significant upgrade under the hood.

See, while Siri has gotten incrementally smarter over the past decade, it remains primarily an information retrieval tool at its core. It handles basic searches and commands just fine, but stumbles with dynamic conversation, personalized recommendations, and proactive assistance.

That limited scope is thrown into stark relief when you look at the new wave of Generative AI models like ChatGPT and Google Bard. These systems display creativity, adaptability, and engaging personality that exposes Siri’s shortcomings. They can generate content like poems, scripts, and even computer code rather than just look up facts. And they hold surprisingly human-like discussions on complex topics.