Apple Music’s 2023 Rewind is officially here

We are approaching the end of the year, and just like Spotify’s Rewind, Apple Music has released its own 2023 Rewind. There is an unofficial streaming battle ongoing between Spotify and Apple Music, but when it comes to the year end streaming report, the victory still goes to Spotify, as it has always managed to bring something new to every new Rewind iteration.

Let’s talk about the Apple Music 2023 Replay. Much like Spotify, the Apple Music version also shows you the artists, songs, genres and albums that you have streamed the most through this year. They have also added in a feature that tells you if you are among the top streamers of a particular artist. It will also tell you more about your streaming habits, but other than the cosmetic share ability, there is not a lot of novelty there.

But, aside from personal stats, Apple Music Replay will also tell you how artists have performed on the platform through the year. Taylor Swift, for example, set the charts alight and is by far the Artist of the Year on the platform. Music like this, Apple Music has compiled statistics for every artist on the platform, and if they are in the top list, they are given a shout out.

Much like Spotify Rewind, Apple Music Rewind is also shareable on social media. However, what we found odd is that the Apple Music Replay is not exactly in-app. Yes, you do get the notification on the app, but when you tap it, you are redirected to a site which has the Replay content for you to view and share. Hopefully, Apple can figure out a way to make the Replay content in-app, as it is a whole lot more elegant that way.