Apple has increased the cost of Music and TV+ subscriptions

Apple has increased the cost of Music and TV+ subscriptions

Apple has matched its wave of software upgrades with a less-than-pleasant price increase. According to 9to5Mac, the business has upped the pricing of Apple Music and Apple TV+. In the United States, music now costs $11 per month for individual plans (up from $10), or $109 per year. The Family plan is now $17 per month rather than $15. TV+ has had the greatest proportional price rise, rising from $5 per month to $7, and from $50 per year to $69.

As a result, Apple has raised the cost of its multi-service One packages. Individual plans now cost $17 per month, up from $15 before. Family users now pay $23 per month instead of $20, while Premier customers now pay $33 per month instead of $30.

In a statement to 9to5, a corporate spokeswoman attributed the rise to licensing charges. According to Apple, the more costly plans would allow artists and authors to “make more” from streaming music. According to the spokesman, the growth in TV+ mirrors the service’s size as well. When it first began three years ago, the video service offered “just a few series and movies,” but it now has a significantly wider repertoire.

If you’re looking to cross-shop services, this won’t excite you. Spotify’s normal plan is still $10 per month, and a six-user family membership is $16. You won’t receive lossless or spatial audio, but it’s a great deal if you’re more concerned with getting the best deal possible. With video services, things get murkier. Despite the additional price, Apple TV+ is still less expensive than Amazon Prime Video and ad-free Netflix (especially if you want 4K HDR), and more specialized services like Disney+ and Hulu will charge more in December. It’s only a matter of deciding if series like Ted Lasso and Slow Horses are worth the investment.

The greater One pricing may be more bearable. All-in-one packages that mix music, video, cloud storage, and other services are tough to find, especially if you want anything Apple-friendly. And, like it or not, you’re unlikely to discover alternatives such as workout apps or magazine subscriptions.

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