Apple Car

Apple Eyes Integration of Vision Pro into Top-Secret Car Project

Apple has patented an idea to integrate its Vision augmented reality headset with a self-driving car. The patent describes using Vision to enable adaptive cruise control based on detecting the speed of a car in front.

While only mentioned briefly, it’s an intriguing concept given Apple’s secret development of a self-driving vehicle codenamed Project Titan. Tying Vision into such a system aligns with Apple’s preference for interconnected device ecosystems.

The patent also proposes advanced in-car systems like haptic feedback, screens for video calling, and extensive sensors. So Apple envisions transforming a vehicle into a mobile computer platform.

Additionally, Apple suggests controlling the car through hand gestures and body movements tracked by cameras. This could remove the need for conventional physical controls.

Of course this is just a patent, so the described integration of Vision and self-driving capabilities may never materialize. Regulators already frown on people wearing headsets while driving manually. So Apple faces convincing them that a purpose-built automated system is safe.

With delays and downscaling plaguing Project Titan, commercial availability likely remains distant if ever. But if Apple can eventually deliver such a system, it may profoundly transform the driving experience.