Apple Developing AI Health Coach for Apple Watch

Apple Developing AI Health Coach for Apple Watch

According to insiders, Apple is reportedly developing a new AI-based health coach, code-named Quartz, that leverages Apple Watch data to provide personalized exercise, diet, and sleep programs. This new offering will most likely require a subscription and could launch in 2024.

In the near term, Apple’s Health app is set to become even more useful. The iPadOS 17 release is expected to finally bring Health to the iPad, and a subsequent update will allow users to track their mood by answering questions about their day. Users can also manage vision issues such as nearsightedness through the Health app. A journaling app, similar to Day One, is also rumored to be in the works.

Apple has yet to comment on these reports, but with WWDC fast approaching, we may hear more about these new developments soon. In addition to the expected mixed reality headset announcement, rumors suggest that the wearable may offer health-related features like a VR edition of Fitness+ and a meditation tool.

If the rumors are true, a coaching app such as Quartz could be a significant addition to Apple’s portfolio of health-related services. It could potentially appeal to users who are willing to pay for a human coach to improve their habits. Health has become a key selling point for Apple devices, especially the Apple Watch, and a digital coach could further deepen user engagement and retention.

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