Anker Innovations Launches its First Flagship Store in the UAE

Anker Innovations Launches its First Flagship Store in the UAE

Anker Innovations, a global leader in mobile charging and consumer electronics, recently launched its first flagship store at City Centre Mirdif in Dubai, UAE. Envisioned as a space that caters to the dynamic needs of UAE’s diverse demographic, the flagship store will enable them to transform their everyday lives.

The experiential store will act as a destination hub that showcases Anker Innovations’ latest innovations across its brands, including Anker Charging, eufy Smart Home, Soundcore Audio, AnkerWork, and Nebula projectors. These products are part of the connected living experience. They are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and connected via the internet of things (IoT) that can be controlled from anywhere, at any time, through eufy app available on all smartphones.


Anker Innovations Launches its First Flagship Store in the UAE


The Middle East Smart Homes Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 24% during the forecast period, i.e., 2021-26. The growth of the market is driven primarily by the rapidly increasing concerns over home security entwined with rising customer awareness about various benefits of smart home devices, such as remote monitoring, improved safety, energy management & efficiency, video analytics & motion detection, customization, etc.

Of all countries, the UAE is projected to dominate the market with the largest share over the forecast years, most prominently due to the rapidly improving living standards of people and growing utilization of smart home solutions for greater convenience in line with luxury living.

Anker Innovations aspires to create an inviting smart home hub that garners consumers’ interest and presents each product’s unique features. The City Centre Mirdif store which is operated by Distribution powerhouse Seventh Dimension aligns with Anker Innovations’ vision to provide consumers with a world-class experience, and plans are also in place to expand retail investments in other GCC markets in the coming years.

eufy Clean


Anker Innovations Launches its First Flagship Store in the UAE


In 2022, the eufy WetVac W31 was launched to make cleaning easy and quick. What makes the high-powered vacuum-mop even more special is not just its ability to self-clean after use, but also switching between modes in a quick and agile manner. Cleaning hardwood floors, carpets and tiles can be done seamlessly without stopping for even a second to change extensions or vacuum heads. No matter what the surface, the vacuum mop can clean any mess created by beans, oatmeal, eggs, spaghetti, art supplies, pet food, wet fur, and much more. This is certainly a revolution for the home appliance industry as people do not need to pre-prep a surface for a thorough clean – everything can be taken care of in one swift motion.

eufy Security

Two products that should become a staple in every home are the eufy SoloCam S40 and the eufy Video Doorbell Dual. These products are not only conceptualized with your security in mind but designed to ensure that you can keep a close eye on everything that happens around your home in a highly convenient manner right from your smartphone or smart device via the eufy Security application.

The eufy Video Doorbell Dual is a high-definition 2K dual-camera doorbell that can be installed outside any home. It has two cameras which means zero blind spots. The frontward-facing camera focuses on the courier while its downward-facing camera sees the package. In addition, you can even move that second camera left or right for an almost unlimited view of the porch.

The eufy SoloCam S40 needs just two hours of direct sunlight each day to power SoloCam S40 continuously, so the worry about changing the battery is never there. Its built-in AI detects people within just 200 milliseconds and learns on the go. It is constantly analyzing the environment and reflecting on past experiences to reduce false alerts and improve accuracy to 99 percent. In addition, the SoloCam keeps 8GB of video – 2 months of footage – safe on the device itself.

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Furthermore, the best part about the eufy SoloCam S40 is its two-way audio. Families can instantly check on the kids to see how they are playing outside and call them in for dinner without even taking a step.

Anker Charging

Anker has been a pioneer in charging. In fact, its innovative PowerPort III 3-Port 65W charger is not only powerful enough to power a 2020 MacBook Pro 13-inch at full speed but is perhaps the only charger you need for all your gadgets – whether it is a tablet, smartphone, or any type of smart device.

The Anker PowerPort III was engineered with GaN II Technology. GaN (Gallium Nitrade) was introduced by Anker into its chargers in 2018. It is a semi-conductor material with higher operation efficiency than traditional silicon. Furthermore, GaN II tech increases the GaN efficiency and features a more compact stacked circuit design, enabling the charger to be even smaller.

The second-generation version of the gallium nitride-based components offers a 20 percent increase in working efficiency. This translates to less heat but also assists with enhancing the overall lifespan of the chargers that are consistently getting smaller as well as more powerful and efficient over time.



Anker Innovations Launches its First Flagship Store in the UAE


Soundcore is Anker Innovations’ solution to enhance audio experiences with the intention to spark real emotions. Their solutions feature proprietary technology like BassUp which intensifies bass in real-time to HearID that intelligently tests an individual’s hearing all of which create a tailor-made sound profile that is unique for each and every individual.

The clarity of sound and overall experience of all headphones and earbuds offered by Soundcore is quite exceptional. The Soundcore Liberty Pro 3 earbuds have even been recommended by 20 Grammy-winning producers that include: Krish Sharma, Shaan Singh, Darrel Throp, and Alex Pasco among others.


Nebula represents a new and exciting class of smart, portable entertainment devices. This includes Nebula Mars and Nebula Capsule—the world’s first smart, portable cinema. The brand combines smart capability with immersive built-in audio capabilities so people can truly take their viewing experience anywhere with them.

The Nebula Cosmos Laser video projector for example can make movies shine with an intensity of 2,400 ISO lumens, which is so bright you can even watch with the lights on. Its Intelligent Environment Adaptation (IEA) technology enables you to create a theatre in seconds. In addition, the project comes with Netflix pre-installed as well as Android TV 10.0 which gives people access to over 400,000 movies and episodes on over 7,000 apps so you never run out of content.

At the new store, visitors will be able to learn and purchase all the aforementioned products along with some of the most innovative solutions to charge their respective lives.

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