An AI "copilot" is included into Microsoft Edge

An AI “copilot” is included into Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s online usage of AI will go beyond improved Bing searches. The business is improving its Edge browser to include an “AI-powered copilot” to help with daily chores. Connectivity with the new Bing may assist you in extracting essential insights from a document, comparing material, and even creating draught articles (such as on LinkedIn) with a specified structure, length, or tone.

The redesigned UI is centred around a new sidebar. You may use the chat tool in this area to ask questions, similar to how you would with Bing, and the compose option allows you to create new material using prompts. A fresh look is also on the way.

Both Bing and the upgraded Edge are built on a new AI model called Prometheus, which was created with the support of OpenAI. Although it takes some cues from the famous ChatGPT conversational AI, it’s described as more powerful and search-optimized. Microsoft also says it is a “responsible” platform with safeguards against misuse and faults at every level.

The redesigned Edge is currently available in beta form. Although Bing is the focus of Microsoft’s AI presentations, the new browser is undoubtedly essential. Edge has the edge over Chrome, Safari, and other browsers due to its AI capabilities. Of course, the duration of any lead is unknown. Google is hosting an event tomorrow (February 8th) that might provide insight into its effort to compete with ChatGPT, and it wouldn’t be shocking if AI-powered search is part of that approach.

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