Amperon Expands into Europe with AI-Powered Energy Forecasting Services

Amperon Expands into Europe with AI-Powered Energy Forecasting Services

Amperon, the leading provider of AI-powered electricity forecasting and analytics services, announced today its strategic expansion into the European power markets. Leveraging AI and machine learning technologies, Amperon will now offer its detailed and highly accurate forecasts and services to power market participants in Europe, including renewable energy producers, financial institutions, and utilities.

Expanding Amperon’s presence in Europe

Amperon customers who buy and sell energy in these markets will now benefit from enhanced visibility into short-term grid-level forecasts, including demand and solar and wind production. Portfolio and asset managers will receive short- and long-term forecasts for their individual meters and generation assets.

The Amperon Europe division will be led by energy software expert, Jon Ecker, who joined Amperon as General Manager, Europe. Mr. Ecker previously served as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Energy Exemplar, a leading global provider of energy market simulation software. Prior to this, Mr. Ecker served as Chief Executive Officer of Genscape, a global provider of real-time data and intelligence energy markets, now owned by Wood Mackenzie, and was President and co-founder at Energy Velocity, an energy data and software company now owned by Hitachi Energy.

In addition, Amperon is pleased to announce that Kelsey Hultberg has joined Amperon as Executive Vice President, Communications and Chief of Staff. Mrs. Hultberg previously served as Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications and Sustainability at Sunnova Energy International Inc. Her hire is a strategic move to support the continued growth and scaling of the company.

“As a warmer-than-expected June ushers in a hot summer, and increasing uncertainty looms for the calmer fall months due to the influx of wind and solar generation, we are eager to assist our European customers in navigating the power market volatility caused by heat waves, extreme weather events, and shifts in power usage across the region,” said Sean Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Amperon. “Our cutting-edge AI models are enabling our North American customers to benefit from data and asset optimization, on-site solar to commercial load management, and backup generation and we’re excited to bring these tools to our European customers.”

“Using multiple evaluation criteria, we found Amperon’s grid-level forecasts to be far more accurate than those of any other vendor. This precision has enabled us to forecast demand more accurately and make better trading decisions,” said Neil Hamel, Managing Director of Ventures and Open Innovation at Orsted, a leading global renewable energy company and an Amperon customer and investor.

Predicting and planning for power demand is becoming more challenging, due to the effects of climate change, increasing renewable and intermittent energy generation, and surging demand, driven by flexible loads and electrification. A growing number of power market participants in North America, and now Europe, use Amperon’s advanced data analytics software to help mitigate the risks of increasingly turbulent power grids.

“Amperon is providing North American, and now European renewable energy markets, with the critical tools they need to optimize their clean energy operations and support grid reliability,” said Jon Ecker, General Manager, Europe at Amperon. “As Europe faces high temperatures and rising power demand this summer, power market participants will need precise energy forecasting, and Amperon is looking forward to delivering these critical tools to help participants succeed.”