AMD’s Strix Point APU poses a potential threat to standalone GPUs as a viable computing option

AMD’s upcoming Strix Point APUs are causing quite a stir among tech enthusiasts, and a recent leak from YouTube leaker RedGamingTech has added fuel to the fire. According to the report, the Strix Point APU is expected to be released next year and will feature a combination of Zen 5 processor cores and RDNA 3+ integrated graphics, making it a potent all-in-one replacement for CPUs and discrete GPUs.

The top-end Strix Point APU is predicted to run with 16 cores, with 8 performance-focused Zen 5 cores and 8 stripped-back Zen 4D cores designed for low power consumption. The APU is also expected to feature 32MB of L3 cache. However, it’s important to note that these are all unconfirmed rumors, and the product is still in early development.

In terms of graphics performance, the Strix Point APU is rumored to include 8 WorkGroup Processors (WGPs) and run at over 3GHz on the flagship model. This would be on an RDNA 3+ refresh architecture, offering significant power for integrated graphics. The low-end model is expected to have a dual-core configuration for big cores and four little cores, while the middle model will feature four big cores and eight little ones.

It’s widely speculated that AMD will be using TSMC’s 3nm and 4nm manufacturing processes for its next-gen chips. RedGamingTech’s sources indicate that the top-end Strix Point APU will be built on 3nm, while lower-end variants will use 4nm. However, nothing has been confirmed by AMD at this point.

It remains to be seen whether these rumors will hold up, but the Strix Point APU is certainly generating a lot of buzz among those interested in the latest developments in computer hardware.