AMD's Impressive Roadmap Unveils Powerful 'Strix Point' Notebook APUs

AMD’s Impressive Roadmap Unveils Powerful ‘Strix Point’ Notebook APUs

A New Era of Thin-and-Light Laptops with Strix Point Halo APU

AMD has unveiled an exciting roadmap for its notebook Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), promising a new era of high-performance thin-and-light laptops. The roadmap provides insights into the upcoming ‘Strix Point’ processors, successors to the current ‘Phoenix’ APUs sold under the Ryzen 7040 series.

This time, AMD is set to introduce two distinct chip designs, the standard Strix Point and a more potent ‘Strix Point Halo’ version. Both of these will debut under the Ryzen 8050 series, marking a significant leap in processing power.

While the official names of these chips are yet to be confirmed, AMD enthusiasts can expect performance upgrades similar to the existing Ryzen 7040HS, 7840HS, and 7940HS processors. The Ryzen 8050 series might introduce three or more new processors into the mix, further expanding options for laptop manufacturers and consumers.