Amazon’s Generative AI Push: All Divisions Engaged in Innovative Projects

Amazon is heavily focusing on generative artificial intelligence (AI) across its various divisions. CEO Andy Jassy stated that every team within Amazon is working on building generative AI applications to enhance customer experiences. While Amazon will build some of these applications in-house, they expect most of them to be developed by other companies on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS provides services and infrastructure to help customers power generative AI apps. For instance, the AWS CodeWhisperer system suggests code snippets to speed up developers’ workflows. Amazon is also exploring ways to use generative AI in consumer-facing products and services, including their stores, AWS, advertising, devices (such as Alexa), and entertainment businesses.

Amazon’s consumer-focused generative AI efforts may be unveiled when the company reveals new devices on September 20th. They might introduce Alexa-powered products or even their own gen AI chatbots on their storefront, similar to what Google and Microsoft have done. Generative AI is becoming a key area of investment and focus for Amazon to enhance its operations and customer experiences.