Amazfit's New Cheetah Watches Could Give Garmin a Run for Its Money

Amazfit’s New Cheetah Watches Could Give Garmin a Run for Its Money

Smartwatch brand Amazfit has recently introduced two new wearables tailored specifically for runners: the Cheetah and Cheetah Pro. These watches come with a unique feature—a generative AI called Zepp Coach—that creates personalized running plans for users. By inputting relevant information into the Zepp mobile app, such as personal characteristics and goals, users receive workout routines customized to their needs. These plans can even assist in preparing for races, as the smartwatches adjust the training regimen each week to push users further.

While other brands, like Huawei, have previously integrated AI coaches into their smartwatches, Amazfit takes it a step further. The Zepp Coach smartphone app now includes an AI Chat tool that functions as a fitness-oriented chatbot, offering users 24/7 support akin to having a personal trainer. However, this chatbot will only be available as a “short demo period” in select regions before transitioning to a subscription-based service.