Alternative to Adobe Unveils Exciting Upgrades in Latest Creative Suite Release

Alternative to Adobe Unveils Exciting Upgrades in Latest Creative Suite Release

Serif, a formidable competitor to Adobe, has announced significant upgrades to its Affinity page layout and graphic design software, only six months after introducing the feature-packed V2 of its acclaimed creative suite. The latest version, V2.1, boasts an enhanced workflow and user experience, achieved through a combination of new features and incremental updates.

The updates are not limited to one platform, as Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher all receive an entirely new feature set, available across Windows, Mac, and iPad applications.

Affinity V2.1 introduces a wide range of improvements and fixes, which can be explored in detail in the full release notes. Among the notable additions, Affinity Designer now offers a Vector Flood Fill tool, enabling users to fill areas created by intersecting objects and curves with a single click. Affinity Publisher introduces Running Headers, allowing users to add the document’s topic name to headers and footers. Additionally, users gain support for keyboard shortcuts to change the blend mode in their working layers.

Alongside these headline features, smaller yet impactful tweaks have been implemented. These include snappable Vector warp modes, an enhanced cropping tool in the photo editor, and Brush Panel improvements based on user feedback. Serif CEO Ashley Hewson emphasized the company’s commitment to customer needs, stating that even minor enhancements can make a significant difference, ultimately enhancing users’ experience with Affinity.

Existing Affinity users can enjoy the latest V2.1 update of the design and desktop publishing software at no additional cost. For new users, the one-time purchase price is remarkably affordable, especially considering the powerful capabilities of the Affinity suite. Notably, there are no subscription requirements, a key factor that led us to recognize Publisher as the top alternative to Adobe InDesign, while Affinity Photo emerged as a strong contender for the best Photoshop alternative. With the latest advancements introduced in the V2.1 update, Affinity’s position as a compelling alternative to Adobe’s offerings is further solidified.