Alpine's A110 Sports Coupe to Keep Racing Ahead with Extended Production until 2026

Alpine’s A110 Sports Coupe to Keep Racing Ahead with Extended Production until 2026

Alpine, located in Paris, has revealed intentions to extend manufacturing of its A110 sports coupe until the end of 2026, ahead of the introduction of a full-electric replacement. Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi stated that sales of the A110 had been greater than expected, and the business wants to “maximise” the model’s lifespan in order to amortise its investment and ride on its success for as long as possible.

The A110, which has been in production since 2017 and is presently the sole model available from the Renault Group sports car brand, saw sales climb by 33% to 3,546 units in 2022, mostly in Europe. According to Renault, a considerable amount of the 2023 output has already been reserved.

Since its introduction, the A110 has only received modest updates, with the most significant being a power bump for its 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine. The vehicle is currently available in four different configurations, with costs ranging from 62,500 euros to 105,000 euros for the lightweight R form. The Porsche 718 Cayman, which starts at about 61,000 euros in France, is the A110’s major rival.

According to Dataforce, the A110 outsold the Cayman in Europe in 2022, 3,260 to 2,596 units. The Boxster, the convertible variant of the Cayman, sold 2,364 units. The A110 is manufactured in Renault’s Dieppe plant, which has a capacity of 6,000 cars per year.

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