All iPhone 14 models reported to include 120Hz displays

All iPhone 14 models reported to include 120Hz displays

A new year means a new iPhone and when it comes to new iPhone launches, there is no dearth of rumors. According to the latest reports, Apple is all set to include 120 Hz displays across the iPhone 14 lineup. Last year, Apple made a distinction between the normal and pro models by including the better display across the pro models, but now, it looks like iPhone users will get this benefit, irrespective of their choice. Another thing to note here is that the preliminary specification list indicates that the RAM will not be bumped up to 8GB as previously reported and this is mainly because of pricing restrictions.

The question then remains, how will Apple make the distinction between the normal iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro models.

One of the areas of such a distinction will be the cameras. The Pro models have been known to boast cameras with a little bit more flavor to cater to the more professional users and that should be the trend with the iPhone 14 lineup as well. Judging from previous experience, Apple could start off the Pro lineup with a higher base storage option. This will ensure that people who go for the lowest spec iPhone 14 will also get the benefit of added storage space.

All these things are in the air for now and we urge you to take this news with a pinch of salt. The rumors will start taking a more solid shape once the release inches closer.

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