Alchemy Pay Introduces Easy Ramp Solution to Linea Ecosystem, Facilitating Crypto Purchases on the Linea Network

Alchemy Pay Introduces Easy Ramp Solution to Linea Ecosystem, Facilitating Crypto Purchases on the Linea Network

In a move aimed at advancing blockchain accessibility, Alchemy Pay is excited to unveil its partnership with Linea, a user-friendly zk-Rollup powered by Consensys. Now, Alchemy Pay has integrated Linea blockchain into its ramp platform, facilitating the seamless transfer of virtual assets on Linea network including ETH, USDT, USDC and FOXY through local fiat currencies. This expansion not only broadens Linea’s reach but also simplifies transactions on its network via 50+ local fiat currencies like never before.

This initiative also involves Linea extending a warm welcome to Alchemy Pay into its ecosystem. Through the ecosystem portal, users and developers gain convenient access to Alchemy Pay’s ramp services, enabling effortless crypto conversions, cash-in and out, using their familiar fiat payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, as well as other mobile wallets and bank transfers.

Linea is the secure zkEVM ecosystem that empowers dapps to thrive. It delivers unrivaled network security with its cryptographically secure zk infrastructure, comprehensive security partnerships, and security-oriented ecosystem culture. Linea’s mission is to make the decentralized internet safe and accessible for everyone. To achieve this, Linea has established the most robust security system in web3, and hosted ecosystem activations that encourage web3 education, exploration, and expertise.

By harnessing Alchemy Pay’s instant and globally accessible Ramp service, Linea is expanding its outreach to a broader user base. This partnership also benefits developers building on its blockchain, offering them the advantage of an easy and seamless payment gateway solution.

Alchemy Pay’s On-Ramp boasts extensive compatibility across various cryptocurrencies and enables seamless fiat-based purchases. With a global footprint spanning 173 countries, Alchemy Pay ensures widespread accessibility for acquiring cryptocurrencies, facilitated by a diverse range of payment methods. With a network of over 300 local payment channels, Alchemy Pay goes beyond traditional credit cards, providing users with access to local mobile wallets and ensuring a convenient checkout experience.

Notably, Alchemy Pay has secured several licenses related to payment services across different countries, such as the UK, the U.S., CanadaIndonesia, and Lithuania. Its most recent achievement includes obtaining an Authroised Payment Institution License in the UK, in March. Demonstrating its legitimacy in the traditional payments space, Alchemy Pay has been recognized by Visa and Mastercard as an authorized third-party service provider. Its commitment to adhering to compliance and regulatory standards establishes it as a reliable fiat-crypto payment gateway, facilitating smooth transactions for both individual users and business partners.