Airbus and Tata Break Ground: India's First Private Helicopter Production Line Takes Flight

Airbus and Tata Break Ground: India’s First Private Helicopter Production Line Takes Flight

Tata and Airbus are tag-teaming to build helicopters in India, the first private companies ever to do so locally. We’re talking a full production line pumping out the world’s bestselling helicopter model – the Airbus H125.

The titans announced the joint venture during the recent visit of French President Emmanuel Macron. Get this – operations kick off in 2026 with plans to sell the helicopters both at home and abroad.

Tata Sons’ Chairman was pumped, highlighting how the facility will have the complete final assembly process. His company already works with Airbus to manufacture aircraft parts in Gujarat. This new agreement takes their alliance to new heights.

And that’s not all Macron cooked up on his trip. Discussions also explored Safran assisting India to start making fighter jet engines and airplane power plants. We’re talking full tech transfers – design, development, the works!

The jet engine maker CFM inked a separate massive deal with Indian carrier Akasa Air. We’re talking orders for over 300 LEAP-1B motors worth billions. Added together, these partnerships showcase growing economic ties between the nations.

Oh, and India’s foreign secretary revealed Safran seems eager to share know-how and help set up local manufacturing. Ambitious, given they are a leading global expert. But it highlights deepening defense relationships as France supplies more and more hardware.

Overall, the leaders mapped out plans for co-developing military tech like drones, robots, and cybersecurity systems. They’re even teaming up on space situational awareness and signed agreements spanning satellites, health, research and more.

The only sour note was France complaining about India expelling a French journalist accused of “negative reporting.” Tensions flashed over accusations of clamping down on dissent.