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Aily Labs Unveils Agent Aly: The Latest Innovation in AI-Powered Business Intelligence Application for Enterprises

Aily Labs GmbH, a pioneer in an AI-powered business intelligence application for global enterprises, today announced the deployment of Aily Agent, the latest innovative feature now available through the Aily Labs mobile app. Agent Aily leverages agentive AI, which works from predefined business goals to provide proactive, hyperpersonalized recommendations that empower business decision-making.

Aily Labs Unveils Agent Aly: The Latest Innovation in AI-Powered Business Intelligence Application for Enterprises

Unlike generative AI-powered chatbots that work by reacting to prompts and giving more general recommendations, the Aily agent acts as a personal advisor who can analyze the unique characteristics of the user or system and automatically identify optimal scenarios for specific business goals, revolutionizing the scope of decisions that can be made.

The Aily agent is designed with a flexible, modular architecture that pushes the existing capabilities of large language models (LLMs) a step further by perceiving the environment in real-time to continuously improve performance and scale business use cases from AI-powered decision augmentation to decision automation.

For complex decisions where multiple scenarios need to be evaluated against both short- and long-term goals, Officer Aily builds human capacity by providing advice on the scenario that will most effectively lead to the desired business outcome. It makes decisions with the whole business in mind based on reality and delivers value consistently and reliably while maintaining control mechanisms. The initial deployment of the Aily agent aims to support companies by maximizing the value of their portfolio.

“The future of AI in enterprise will depend on the evolution from generative to agentive AI, and now, with Agent Aily, we are empowering companies with a fully integrated, AI-powered advisor that provides personalized, proactive decision-making capabilities and will fundamentally disrupt the way we work,” said Bianca Anghelina, Founder and CEO of Aily Labs.

The Aily Labs app is the first iOS business intelligence platform that provides a scalable AI solution for all business activities and efficiently transforms huge volumes of complex, often siloed data into real-time, personalized recommendations, boosting business productivity and driving growth across the value chain.

“I’m very excited that we’re one of the first BI applications to bring together traditional AI and general intelligence from LLMs in a way that creates real-world impact at scale,” said Adam Elwood, Head of Generative AI and R&D AI at Aily Labs.