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Adrian Newey Acknowledges Red Bull’s Vulnerability Amid Lack of 2023 Development

Chief Designer Discusses Possible Impact of Focus Shift on Unbeaten Streak

Red Bull Racing’s Chief Designer, Adrian Newey, has candidly addressed the potential vulnerability that the team’s lack of development for the remainder of the 2023 season could bring. Red Bull has maintained an impressive winning streak, notching 14 consecutive victories since the 2022 Sao Paulo Grand Prix. However, their strategic decision to shift their focus towards the 2024 season could open the door for their competitors to challenge their unbeaten run.

The current Formula 1 season marks the point at which numerous teams start shifting their attention from the ongoing season’s development to preparations for the following year, aiming to gain an early advantage. While teams like Williams have already shifted their focus to 2024 due to their position in the standings, Red Bull’s commanding lead provides them with some flexibility in their approach.