Adobe brings a BIG photography upgrade to the Pixel 8 phone

Today, there are many smartphones that are able to shoot images and save the RAW file. In comparison to the usual formats, RAW image files retain the image as it was taken from the phone’s camera sensors. This means you have every little detail that has been captured, at your disposal. In case of the Pixel 8, these RAW images presented incredible details, but the catch was that the format in which these RAW images were saved, were not compatible with Adobe software, until now.

Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and After Effects will be the software that will accept DNG files (Pixel 8 RAW image files), directly, and will accept these images as long as they are taken by the selfie camera, wide angle lens, or the main rear camera sensor. If you have a Pixel 8 pro, you can upload RAW images that have been captured by the ultra wide lens as well.