adidas Middle East releases true wireless headphones

adidas Middle East releases true wireless headphones

In a society filled with distractions and constraints, athletics and music provide an escape, a sense of positivism, and an opportunity for self-improvement. Music is a catalyst for creators; when it is in full motion, it enables them to be themselves, to be free, to be powerful, to escape from their hectic lives, or to advance their training. Without the use of wires and the frictionless, ergonomic design of Adidas’ inaugural genuine wireless devices, innovators may amp up their movement to accomplish their aims.

True wireless was a natural development for the brand, which has always focused on technological innovation, functionality, and fit to provide the greatest audio experience to athletes of all levels. As a brand that is equally devoted to sport and leisure.

  1. adidas Z.N.E. 01 ANC, the noise-cancelling earbuds built to get you in the zone, retails for AED 849 and is a fully equipped true wireless earbuds engineered to meet the demands of training routines and everyday life head-on.

The earbuds feature:

  • Noise Cancelling: Focus on the movement with Active Noise Cancelling, and switch to Awareness Mode when you want to stay in touch with your surroundings
  • Made to measure: Interchangeable ear tips for a perfect fit
  • Versatile: On-and-off the field comfort to meet both the sport and lifestyle needs of athletes
  • Design: Emphasis on the look-and-feel of the product to match any activewear
  • Long-lasting: 20H playtime (4.5H in buds + 15.5H in case)