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Acer Ventures into AMD Graphics Card Market with Predator BiFrost RX 7600

Acer has taken its first step into manufacturing Nvidia and AMD GPUs with the introduction of its Predator BiFrost RX 7600 graphics card. This move follows the company’s earlier announcement of its interest in GPU production at Computex 2023.

The Predator BiFrost RX 7600 features the BiFrost cooling system, similar to Acer’s first graphics card, the Intel Arc A770. It utilizes a blower-style cooler with a vapor chamber for efficient heat transfer to the heatsink. The heatsink is then cooled by two fans. As the Intel Arc A770 is a 225W graphics card, the same cooling method is expected to work effectively for the RX 7600, which has a lower Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 60W.